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About: Orange County Weight Loss | Mission Viejo Weight Loss

There are many ways to manage weight and to treat individuals who were overweight. The Orange County chiropractors at the Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center utilize many different tactics, treatments, and approaches when treating individuals who wish to lose weight. Every individual is different however so not every treatment or program is going to work for every person. As such the staff at the Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center are always on the lookout for and adopting the newest and best technologies and treatments for things like Orange County weight loss and weight management.

The newest in their long list of weight-loss services is the "Ultra Lite" program. This program is a protein carbohydrate balance plan which aims to teach people how to properly convert stored body fat into energy. Part of this program involves a morning dipstick which is used with an individuals first morning urine to help determine if a body is properly burning fat. In addition to this, the program teaches individuals all about proper portion sizes, food combining, when to eat, when not to eat, and how to eat. Combine this with an exercise regimen tailored to you, and you've got a literal recipe for success.


Program Benefits:

  • Patients eat a full but balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.
  • Patients take Ultra Lite packets in between their meals that are full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to ensure patients get 100% of their nutritional requirements.
  • Patients on this program do not feel hungry.
  • Patients bodies are put into a special biochemical state whereby the body is burning fat all the time.
  • This program is administered by staff trained specifically in the Ultra Lite program.

"Ultra Lite" has been consistently voted the number one weight loss program by readers of slimming magazine because this program allows you to feel good and much better than you normally do while on a standard diet. Individuals who engage in this program never experienced food cravings, extreme hunger, bad moods, or low-energy and best of all this program is safe enough that it allows individuals to stay on as long as they like in order to reach their goal weight.

How Can Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center help:


Our program was developed by a group of Mission Viejo chiropractors, medical doctors, dietitians, and psychologists with over 100 years of combined knowledge and practice in the weight loss industry.

Weight Loss Program Details:

We prefer to use the term Lifestyle Change instead of diet. Research shows that unless the patient changes their eating and life habits, the chance of regaining their lost weight in a short period of time is extremely high! What is unique about our program is that we tailor the diet specifically for each patient dependent on health history, initial BMI, and lifestyle. In this way, we can assure our patients that they will receive the most effective and healthiest way to lose weight! We provide the proper meal replacements to fit every lifestyle. We couple these food plans with support group lessons or private one on one support to create the Lifestyle Change that is very important. This is a very unique aspect of our program. Studies have shown that patients lose more weight and are able to sustain their weight loss better with group support! Our Orange County weight loss patients actually look forward to attending group support classes or meetings to learn how to control their weight and discuss their experiences with the other group members and the Doctors. This is the only way to insure lasting results!

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I have only one word to describe Dr Van Dusen and all of Gateway's staff, 'Amazing" I'm a patient for life!

Sandra B.
Mission Viejo, CA

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