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Would you like to provide a testimonial in regards to the excellent care and service you received while visiting our Mission Viejo Chiropractor? Are you over the moon about the treatment you received while getting Orange County acupuncture in our office? 

From our Mission Viejo | Orange County Chiropractor patients

"I am taking this opportunity to give a testimonial for Dr. TJ VanDusen with respect to ordering a particular supplement from his company. 

I sent Dr. VanDusen an email asking if he carried a particular calcium supplement.  He met with me after BNI on 7/6/10 with the supplement that he carried and showed me the differences between the product I asked for and the one that he carried.  He had taken the product that I asked for and researched it and found a product that was better.

I was so impressed that he had taken the time to research a better product for me that I will be ordering all my supplements through Dr. VanDusen.  I find that we just assume that any product we purchase from a doctor that we trust is the best one for us, but I have found that with Dr. VanDusen, he goes that extra mile for his patient to get the very best for them.

This is a doctor who cares very much for his patient."

Connie Harris
Office Manager
Green World Services Inc.

"I first heard of your office and the DRX9000 through an ad I received in the mail with the invitation to your Special Decompression Dinner Seminar. It seemed very appropriate timing since we were in the process of moving and the packing and carrying of boxes had began to irritate my lower back; where I have had previous pain problems with a herniated disc both four years and again two years ago. In both cases, the treatment was epidural injections with Cortisone. While the pain was relieved, the problem was not corrected. I'd felt "here we go again with another two-year cycle of injections." I didn't look forward to establishing such a regular regimen. I hoped there was an alternative and thought perhaps the DRX9000 treatment program was a better way.

The seminar convinced me that I should really consider it and after an appointment at their office I signed up for the full treatment. I am now in my final two weeks and don't regret that decision whatsoever. We've finished moving into our new home and I don't have any back pain from it. The treatment really worked well for this 77 year old and I can heartily recommend it, as I sit here typing this letter pain-free."

Sincerely, Charles French

"I have been a faithful patient of GRWC since the beginning of 2003 to present. I am kept on a maintenance schedule which involves me getting adjusted once a month. I have witnessed and experienced nothing but true professionalism from both the Dr.s' and the staff at this office. I will admit that I first tried Chiropractic as a last resort. I spent 20 years in the Marine Corps and the last 2 years I experienced some very severe back pain. The Flight Surgeons insisted that there was nothing wrong with me, everything was in my head. This type of treatment lasted for a better part of 2 years and me being on 800 mg of Motrin and Nonperson. I finally turned to my last chance and hope of finding some relief. The Chiropractic practice continues to be the best thing I have ever done for my well being. I became fully functional and free from back pain from the very first adjustment. I am a firm believer of the practice and express it to whoever wants to listen. Many thanks to the Dr.s' and their fantastic staff at Gateway Rehab and Wellness Center."

Semper Fi!!!

Joe Tijerina

"Dr. Rafa and Dr. Van Dusen have saved my life." 

Andrew Klados, Rancho Santa Margarita

"Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center, Inc. assisted us with injury treatment, spastic muscle elimination, and feet fatigue with a great repertoire of chiropractic and rehabilitation techniques." 

Daryl and Natasha Spector, Irvine

"After surviving a stroke and 6 weeks in a coma I awoke and was unable to function in my daily activities. Dr. Rafa and Dr. Van Dusen have helped rehabilitate me back to full function and they did it with the utmost respect for myself and my condition. I would recommend them to anyone in search of rehabilitation or a chiropractic office."

Woody Lawson, Mission Viejo

"Dr. Rafa and Dr. Van Dusen have surpassed all my expectations regarding healthcare. They are truly one of a kind."

Collin Wetmore, RT

"You are the best! I have never felt so good, migraine free and energetic as I do now.  All of the treatments in conjunction with Chiropractic at Westcliff Newport Beach have changed my life."

Flavia Manconi

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I have only one word to describe Dr Van Dusen and all of Gateway's staff, 'Amazing" I'm a patient for life!

Sandra B.
Mission Viejo, CA

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